About South Bukalong

About us

For six generations the Garnock family have called their property “South Bukalong” home and farming is in their blood. The property is found on the beautiful southern tablelands better known as the Monaro and is a stunning 2,200 hectares of rolling grasslands.

It has been our passion to create a sustainable, ethical and renewable grazing system that mimics nature and works with her rather than against. This establishes healthy soils, waterways and pastures then in turn ensures healthy grass fed animals, which then can sustain us as happy humans.

We work hard to create an environmentally friendly farm for the future generations, because this our passion and we want to share this with you.

In a nutshell

We convert the sun’s energy into productive pastures and healthy soils which we then convert into protein, be it cattle, sheep or pigs. This product is marketed to the closest consumer as possible to reduce the length of animal travel time (food miles) to ensure happy stress free animals.


“This animal gave up its life to sustain yours. It is not a right as human being, it is a privilege” Bryce Garnock SBS2 the feed

More Press!

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