South Bukalong

We produce 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef, Pork and Lamb on our 2200 Hectare multi-generational family farm in the Monaro Region.

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Pastured Pork

Pastured Pork

These girls are our animal tractors who turn over the soil looking for roots and grubs which allows new species of grasses to get up and have go with no diesel burnt, no herbicides or pesticides or synthetic fertiliser applied. The amount of manure and urine that is deposited onto the soil as natural fertiliser rejuvenates the soil biota making micro and macro nutrients available to the plants.

Grassfed Lamb

Grassfed Lamb

These little nuggets of sheep are called a terminal cross, meaning their grandmothers are a large framed Merino ewe (wool growing) with a Border Leister Ram grandfather producing a First Cross Ewe (F1) mother. A Poll Dorset ram father then makes for a good meaty lamb!

Grassfed Beef

Grassfed Beef

We have gone from a white faced seed stock production system, selling 70 Hereford and Poll Hereford Bulls each to a fluid cattle trading system. My contract buyer travels around New South Wales looking for the right animal that can fit into our grass finishing system. We try and grow our own calves out to killing weight which is pretty challenging in our environment, so we also purchase local yearlings that will complement our beef.


  • Bryce from South Bukalong Pastoral has been integral to the growth of our business. His grass fed beef gets constant praise from our customers and we always have a freezer stocked of it for our own consumption too.

    Dan Tarasenko, Co Founder- Crowd Carnivore


For six generations the Garnock family have called their property “South Bukalong” home and farming is in their blood. The property is found on the beautiful southern tablelands better known as the Monaro and is a stunning 2,200 hectares of rolling grasslands. It has been our passion to create a sustainable, ethical and renewable grazing system that mimics nature and works with her rather than against. This establishes healthy soils, waterways and pastures then in turn ensures healthy grass fed animals, which then can sustain us as happy humans. We work hard to create an environmentally friendly farm for the future generations, because this our passion and we want to share this with you.


If you are looking for supply of great quality pork, beef and lamb please get in contact with us on the below.

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